Assumptions were made, mistakes followed. 

There are a few things that a I wish I would have known before moving to Alaska. 

  1. The outcome of the recent presidential election. 
  2. How cold it really gets in Alaska.
  3. How much of a ‘people person’ I am. 

The first two have been relatively easy to adapt to. Don’t talk politics and stay indoors. I already had some sort of idea on how to go about those situations. The last realization however, hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Before moving, I had thought about how I live my life and decided that, since the majority of my hobbies are solitary (i.e. Reading, video games, photography) I would be able to adapt to this change as easily as the other changes. But the truth is, I was never actually alone during these activities. I would read while watching tv with my grandma or I’d pause my game and get my dad to watch part of it.. I’d stay at work and write my reports rather than go home to write them. 

The moral of the story: What really reinforced my behavior was the comfort I felt being around the people I care about. Take away the people and all those activities suddenly become less desirable. 

Problem Solving: 

  • Pro- Simple solution. Find people to do activities with. 
  • Con- I don’t even know where to start.

Just the thought of trying to make new friends gives me anxiety. I guess this is part 2 of my grand adventure! 

.. But not today. Today, I am traveling home to see my friends and family before heading to CalABA (only the coolest conference ever).

Next week I will make a plan for part 2. 

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