Look both ways.. for planes

Steps 2 of my “Move to Alaska” TA is done (with multiple prompt levels involved). I have a car, and live in house (operationally defined as “a structure with four walls, windows, door, and roof” it is actually a cabin, but is still meets the mastery criteria for step two.

Now, funny tidbit. When pulling of the main street, onto the gravel road, you reach a narrow but awkwardly long clearing in the trees.

The ground is covered in snow, providing no additional hint that this is an aircraft landing strip. The only indicator-and an unsuccessful one at that, we drove past it three times before it was pointed out, is a tiny, weathered sign stating : “Stop: Watch for Aircraft”


So how hard is it really to do this? Initially I generalized my “stop sign” behavior. I saw the sign (Sd)  I look to the left, then right, left… sometimes get distracted and repeat the process again (Behavior) and I cross the clearing in one piece (Consequence).The process works great for streets with cars and bikes…

Planes… so.. this is like playing classic game, Frogger, and then going straight to Call of Duty. I have no idea where to look for the planes, They could be on the runway about to take off, or they could be preparing to land.

So, I added a few steps to my “stop sign” behavior TA. Look EVERYWHERE for places before crossing. I’m sure that eventually I will get used to it and of course, as soon as I get comfortable and let my guard down, a plane will actually be coming. But for now, i am highly entertained that I need to look for planes on the way  home. 🙂


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