When not to move to another state

One thing I’ve learned for my next move, don’t do it at the end of the month, not to mention the end of the year..

I can’t say that this experience has actually punished my behavior (I’m still going to do it when necessary) but I have definitely learned to discriminate and plan more wisely next time.

Two problems I had while buying my car:

  1. Proof of income
  2. Proof of residence

I haven’t actually started work yet, so I gave them my acceptance letter that had been emailed to me, well that wasn’t signed so I had to reach out to my new job (on their day off) and try to get a signed copy.. before the end of the month, because it all needs to be processed with the bank by the end of the purchase month.

As for proof of residence, the location I want to live in strongly recommends AWD or 4×4, so I decided to get a car first since the rental company only has front wheel drive cars (in addition to the end of the month/year being a terrible time, winter is also a horrible time to move to Alaska)

I really think that I picked the worse possible time to move. On the brightside, it can only go up from here. 🖖🏼


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