First Look

I can’t believe how beautiful Alaska is!! It is so different than home. I don’t even know where to start.

“Welcome to Anchorage” the pilot’s voice starteled the woman sitting next to me. Four hours on the plane and not once had she opened the window. My gaze at the window must have acted as a prompt; she opened the window and leaned back. “Have you ever been to Alaska?”

I couldn’t even answer her question. He sight was so novel and beautiful that I spent the remaining 30 minutes of the flight staring and taking pictures. (As an afterthought I should have finished the movie, guess I will never know if he stork delivered the baby to the right house)

When we got off the plane my dad and I went into full tourist mode. We took pictures with all the displayed animals and I photographed the snow outside on the trees. Apparently we took a really long time because when we got to the luggage claim our bags were in the ‘lost/unclaimed” office.

I picked up the keys to the rental car. It was not until I stepped outside into the parking lot That I experienced the true temperature difference. “Freezing” is not a good operational difinition; I have used the word to describe temperatures much warmer than that which I was experiencing now. I laughed and quickly made my way to the car.

Driving was not nearly as bad as air thought it would be. Most I just need to drive a lot slower and stop the car earlier. I had lots of experience driving in circles at the airport since my dad was too cold  to come outside with the luggage and since his phone died, I had no way of communicating when I was outside.

I have never seen a place like Alaska. I’d say that the pros are definitely outweighing the cons so far 🙂

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